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The Classifications and Betting Structures of Online Poker Game

Poker is the card game under the list of gambling games when saying the game name then people may remind the first version of the poker game called Texas Hold’em. Because this Poker game is very famous and people used to access it frequently. Other than this kind, there are certain variants are existed in the poker game such as Seven-Card Stud, Razz, Five-Card Draw,Omaha, and so on. Further, some more variants are present and in this article let us discuss theclassifications of poker games with their variant briefly.

Classification of Poker: There are three major classifications of Poker games those are, Draw Poker, Stud Poker, and Community Card Poker. As we already mentioned all the variants of Poker games will fall only in these three classifications.

  • Draw Poker:Badugi, and Five Card Draw are some of the variants that come under the category of Draw Poker. In this classification how the game is played means, thatplayers who involve will deal with the other players by replacing the certain need card.
  • Community Card: In this classification, the shared cards will be used along with the hidden cards. Omaha and Texas Hold’em are the famous games under this.
  • Stud Poker:It is a game played with a combination of hidden and exposed cards. Hence the opposite player will have an idea of the card that the player has and vice versa. Razz and Seven Card Stud are some of the variantsthat fall in this classification.

Gambling through betting in this variant of Poker is an interesting one where the betting structure will be different. These structures ultimately will decide how much the amount that the people may bet and also raise the amount in a specific situation. What are those structures?

  1. Fixed Limit:In this structure amount of bet and raise will be fixed in the initial period where it may increase in the later stage of the game.
  2. No Limit: In this structure, restrictions are very less and the one and the only restriction is the player needs to bet with the minimum amount.
  3. Pot Limit: This is one of the very complicated betting structures in Poker where the bets and raises are limited base on the total number of chips available in the pot.

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