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Multiplier Online Slot Games

Multiplier online slot games are a great way for players to boost their winnings. These types of games are offered by the many casinos and sites that operate in New Jersey. A player’s potential payout is multiplied by the number indicated on the game in memo-x, with most slots offering multipliers of two, three, or five.

What Is a Multiplier?

A multiplier is an amount that is added to the player’s winning as a result of certain wagering requirements being met. The most common multiplier is the “x2” feature, which means that a player will multiply their winning by two. For instance, if a player wins $100 on the reels, they will actually win $200 instead. Players are also able to find online games with multipliers of “x3” and “x5”.

How Do Multipliers Work?

A player who is looking to activate a multiplier may need to wager a certain amount of money. The wagering requirements for the multiplier will be a certain amount, or times, of the prize that is offered. If a player is able to meet these requirements, then the multiplier will be applied. Many slot games may offer multipliers for specific amounts in order to ensure that players are not able to get all of their winnings from the multiplier at once.

What Are The Different Types of Multipliers?

There are many different types of multipliers and each can have different wagering requirements attached to them. For instance, there is the “x3” multiplier, which multiplies a player’s winnings by three. This type of multiplier is usually found on reel games and is applied when a player hits three different symbols in one spin.

Slot games also sometimes offer “wild multipliers” or a “wild feature”. In order to activate these features, players must hit wild symbols on their reels. A player who matches the required number of wild symbols, or “wins”, will also receive the multiplier that is indicated.

Other types of multipliers can be found on slot games as well. Many sites offer a “nova” (no win) feature, which enables players to multiply their winnings if they are able to land three different symbols on the reels without hitting any of them.