Know completely about spin a win game

Spin a win game is an interesting game that is very simple to play. To win money on this spin a win the game, you have to place the bet amount and then press the spin button. This game is available in 918kiss and also available on various sites. One more important thing is it is a live game and one person is arranged to spin the wheels and to announce the number that will come after spinning the wheel. The best feature of this game is you can place multiple bets on a single spin. This becomes a disadvantage too as there are losing all money at a time if you won’t get the number that you have placed.

Winning strategies in spin a win game.

In this spin, a win game different numbers are arranged randomly with a specific colour to each number. The spin board contains numbers like one, two, five, ten, twenty, forty. Yellow colour is allotted to the number one and blue colour is for number two. Similarly, green colour is given to the number five and pink colour is allotted to number ten. Numbers twenty and forty are allotted with orange and red colour respectively. You can place bets starting from 0.25 0.50 and 1.0. You will be rewarded with the returns which are multiplied by seven times for that number. For suppose if you placed a bet on the number ten, after spinning the wheel if it stops at the number ten then you will be multiplied by seventy times. You have fifteen seconds after every spin. In that time you have to place bets and no bet is allowed after the completion of the timer. You have two options on the right side of yours and the left side of the table displaying undo and reset buttons. Undo button is used to get back to the previous bet. The reset button is used to change the complete bet and you can place a new bet. On the top of the wheel, there is a display of the numbers that are coming in the previous rounds. You can observe those numbers and you can get an idea about the numbers which are constantly repeating.  You can also place bets on even and number. But the returns on this number are very less. There is one more option in the wheel which is a multiplier.