Is there a parlay betting variant?

A parlay bet is a single wager on a sporting event that includes two or more individuals or teams. Although the concept of these bets is straightforward, placing them might be challenging. Because of the higher payments involved if you win, these bets might be enticing. However, with each “leg” you add to your judi parlay, the level of difficulty increases exponentially. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of parlay betting.


The teaser is one of the most popular types of judi parlay. The teaser is a way for the sportsbook to reduce the risk of parlay betting.

A teaser allows a bettor to alter the odds of the bets in a parlay by teasing them. They are only allowed on point spreads and totals, so using one on a money line isn’t good. A teaser must get adjusted by the same amount of points on each leg. As a result, if you change one of your picks by five points, you must alter all of your selections by five points.

The trend, on the other hand, will always favor you. As a result, betting on a favorite may lower the spread, and betting on an underdog may increase it.


Please keep in mind that certain bookmakers may provide a pleaser parlay. They are the inverse of teasers, but they are less prevalent. So, the odds of a pleaser are lower than those of a conventional parlay. The related reward will be higher to compensate for the greater risk.

A pleaser may be the ticket if a parlay isn’t exciting enough for you. Keep an eye out for them if you’re in the neighborhood.

Round Robin

Round robins are a fascinating parlay variant due to their high tolerance for mistakes. Round robins do not require perfection to payout.

Round robin bets are parlay bets that are combined. Round robins would be the next power of exponent to parlays if they were a mathematical construct – the cube to parlays’ square, in a sense.

It is possible to win a portion of a round robin even if one (or more) of the parlays fails since they have many parlays.