Exploring The Lottery Culture In Thailand

The lottery is not just a recreational activity in Thailand. It is almost a part of Thai culture. People have several superstitions attached to the lottery. With almost a third of the population engaging in various lottery types, one can say that lottery makes for a popular discussion topic when locals meet. The Thai government regularly runs a lottery. However, the underground lottery, called the s1.huay, is more popular as winning is better. Let us explore the lottery culture in Thailand.

The government lottery

The Thai government had previously introduced a lottery for various reasons – the King’s birthday celebration, to finance the entry into WW1 and so on. However, lotteries became a regular business after the revenue department introduced them to make up for the lost revenue after abolishing the draftee tax. Draftee tax was the tax levied on citizens who did not want to participate in mandatory military conscription.

Today, the ministry of finance has a section to foresee the lottery operations. Currently, the government lottery offers almost 14 million tickets for the weekly draw. Twice every month, on the 1st and the 16th, one can check if one’s ticket has won a prize. The top prize is usually about $67000.

The underground lotteries

People who participate in the government lottery should wait for the 1st or the 16th to know the result. The long wait almost kills the fun of taking part in a lottery. Thus, underground lotteries, although illegal, are much more popular. These lotteries do not come within the purview of the country’s official economic statistics.

In most cases, people have friends who are หวย จ้าวพายุ .พยัคฆภูมิพิสัย lottery agents. Thus, they buy their tickets from such friends. With an underground lottery, people no more have to wait for a specific day. They can buy tickets and win lotteries at all times! Also, they have a 1 in 100 chance of winning a prize.

Is there a risk involved?

Many people are tempted to participate in underground lotteries. But they wonder if it is risky. Underground lotteries, although illegal, are tolerated. The police gain a lot of money from underground lotteries in the form of the high bribes they collect. Lottery forms an important part of the lives of the Thais. Thus, it is completely normal and safe to participate in underground lotteries.

In larger cities, people may not necessarily believe in the superstitions related to lotteries. Nevertheless, they participate for the fun of it.