Can you predict when the slot machine will give a hit?

You can just imagine that when you are betting on a slot game and then you click on the play button. After just a few seconds funny sounds are coming out of the machine. Then the light would start flickering off and on and the spin of the machine slows down suddenly. Then the winning symbols are formed and you get a winning of thousand times of the bet amount.

This is the dream that every gambler has. They want to win big even if the casino gets bankrupted. But is it possible to judge when the slot machine hits?

How to predict a slot machine?

Yes, if you are a hacker: in the year 2017, Alex, A Russian hacker was a programmer with knowledge of reverse engineering and he messed up with the RNG software. He targeted slot machines and situs slot that were vulnerable and then placed bets when it was in favor of the player. He made $250,000 within a week with his team of hackers. But the team had to face legal consequences after that from the federal government’s end.

No, if you are playing modern slots: with the improvement in the gambling technology in the last two decades buggy machines are not fixed by freelance individuals. Mostly licensed companies are preferred for development and maintenance. Also, the seed numbers of modern slots are not predictable. So a veteran hacker cannot hack the machine anymore.

Yes, if you are the programmer of the machine: earlier in the 90s, Ronald Harris had stolen thousands of bucks from slot machines. He was the person who fixed flaws on slot machines and software of online casinos. He then modified the source codes of these slot machines to make some money quickly. But then finally he landed in jail.